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Proxy Site to Protect Your Privacy Online

Do you desire privacy when you surf the internet and access to the likes of youtube and Well we can help you. This proxy site is for you - we both unblock videos and change your IP - becomimg the "man in the middle" but also we provide encryption - we provide an https connection i.e. using SSL. So while you are being safe and private online you can also watch videos.

If you value your privacy and think the only person who should know the sites you browse, this is the place to be. We mentioned those two sites as they are the most visited.

To use ProxyTurbo just go to the field under ENTER URL and key in the website you wish to visit - just hit GO!

Like to briefly know how a unblock proxy website works? Well it provides a barrier between you and the website (e.g. you wish to visit. The snoopers may see you visit this website NOT the website you wish to visit.

Note we offer turboproxy rather than as web proxies are easy to use and take no setting up - just use as a browser, and web proxies are course for free!

Well the main reasons are using software that is constantly being updated.

Turbo Proxy - How Are We Different From Others?

b) We at our anonymous proxy use various firewalls to keep out alot of the snoopers before you even visit the website. We do not charge for bandwidth, servers, etc so PLEASE do not use the likes of Adblocks otherwise we will have to charge or go out of business and most recently c) we now specialize in making sure that as many video sites work on our video proxy site.

Best Proxy Sites for Video & Staying Anonymous Online

You would have to be living in a hole recently not to see the news about online privacy and data being stored on all citizens. We help you stay safe online by changing your IP (your online address) and encoding the pages you surf on. The websites you visit are for you to know, nobody else - we do not log your access. Pays to check that before using a site like this because some webmasters do keep logs - so if they are asked to provide information about your browsing habits and the websites you visit they can. We cannot.

Unblock Video Proxy

Please note that cookies are used on this website as pretty well any interactive website requires for login but they are automatically purged from our system after 24 hours.

We use our current software as it is updated constantly but there are others which as far as we can see are not updated. For example PHPProxy has not been updated for at least 7 years.

Video Proxy

Welcome to proxies users from the USA. Unlike most other countries, the use of proxies is quite seasonal - significantly slowing down over the summer breaks (End of May) and back again late August to early September. Having said that all through the year there are people using the website from the US all the time using at work and home.

Anonymous Browsing - This is Our Main website

You will note there is lots of information in our Blog a) because this is our main site and thought we should do something special b) because we thought some would find it useful to learn more about proxy online, online privacy and how to set one up.

Thought it would be useful to say we have been in the business for about five years now. We started as many do - buying an existing proxy browser and leasing a server so could learn the basics while not spending much money.

We have quite a few of these websites now used by all sort of users like those at home, school, college or work. We now use dedicated servers which tend to be faster and even safer. Having said that it is our intention gradually reduce the number of proxies we own to just this one so we can better concentrate on it.

There is a contacts form - so any queries or suggestions, please email!

We are pleased to announce that the the number of video sites that now work with this proxy that plays videos has been increased significantly. The intention is to keep and many other video sites updated and working continually. There is a list sites that have been "fixed" on the inner page so please enjoy our site.


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