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Adsense New Page-Level Ads (Proxy Unblock)

Another Type of Ad Available from Adsense (Proxy Unblock)

About two years ago Google adsense started to test page-level ads for mobiles (use a proxy unblock). Well now they have been launched.

Well the page-level ads are a group of ads that allow you to monetize websites – specifically when shown on mobiles. Easy to set up as you only need to put the code in once per page – adsense does the rest.

The ads will only show when they are likely to do well – and super interesting is they do not count against your three ads per page limit.

Specifically there are two types available now – the first appears on top end mobile devices and stick on the users screen and is easy to make go away (super important to provide a good user experience). The second type are called vignette ads that appear between the page loads and on once again only on high end mobiles and are easy to get rid of.

We will be running a test on both of these types and report back to you as to the results. Fairly low risk as only about 6% of people coming to our sites use mobiles or tablets. Wiki about Adsense