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Android Privacy Assistant Helps With Stopping Data Collection

Android Privacy Assistant and Data Collection

Carnegie Mellon University has over the last few years developed the Android Privacy Assistant to stop the collection of private data. The free app simplifies the privacy settings on your Android smartphone based on a few quick questions. It does the work of setting up the most appropriate settings.

The questions are for example – do you want your camera accessed by social media, do you want game apps knowing where you are? With the answers to the questions the app recommends settings for you – which you can accept or change as you wish.

There are a few problems with it – a) the phones needs to have been “rooted” which basically makes you a super users but could void your warranty – see here Android Rooting and only works on 5.x and 6.x versions of Android. However given the number of app the average user has – about 100 – and the number of permissions required normally – 3 – that means 300 permissions you could have avoided. Many of the permissions being sort are simply not needed to make the app work so not being switched on makes sense.

So how many Android users potentially could use this app – the estimate is about 25%. Interesting enough Google is one of the outfits funding this research. Would not recommend rooting your phone just to get this app but if you already have…..more on internet Privacy Protection

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