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Babysitters and Your Childs Privacy – (Proxy WebSites)

Your Child’s Privacy – (Proxy Websites)

Have you given though to how your babysitter could compromise your child’s privacy (please use a proxy website)? This comes from an experience of going out on a date and finding my child’s (very cute) pictures on social media – where they will be forever – worrying. People could use without my permission. Think about how the images may effect future job prospects or indeed cause bullying at school.

Have you discussed the subject with your babysitter? Well there are some areas you definitely need to cover.

1) They are never to take pictures or videos of your child – and not to access social media when at your home. Remember social media has geolocations – even if your child is not in the picture their location will be known via posts.

2) Check out and join your babysitters social media sites – just to make sure is doing what you ask.

If you want to easy on the never take images or videos rule, you can make it a) take them, send them to me then delete them from your mobile camera etc. b) share with my permission BUT no names and no locations.

You have to be up front about these rules – sometimes the older generation may not understand the need at first. In summary – make an agreement, trust them BUT verify. Wiki on Babysitting