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Ten Billion Hits Through DuckDuckGo

Popularity of Duckduckgo is one of our favorite websites that many of the visitors to our proxy sites use to add another layer of security

For those not familiar with it it is a search engine that does not keep your search information – i.e. helps keep your online information private.

More and more people are using the site – on one record day 14 million searches were made. Well they have now broken the 10 billion search mark since it was started just a few years ago.

They describe Google as a search engine that saves your search information, records your location and accesses your Gmail. With that information they target you with ads. Having said that if you still want to use Google you can do that through duckduckgo!

A little background on Duckduckgo – it gets it’s results from the likes of Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Bing and Yandex and almost 50 others. It’s main launch happened in 2014 although it had been around since 2008 and is advertising supported.

As has said we like it and if you are interested in online privacy (even used with TOR) you should think about using. Online Privacy