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What is Different About Our Free Web Proxy?

This Free Web Proxy – What is Different From The Others?

We have tried very hard to make this free web proxy as private as possible, as safe as possible and to provide up-to-date information about online safety and proxies.

How is that different? It is the combination of all those that is pretty well unique. How do we do that?

1) All traffic is encrypted with an SSL Certificate to keep what you look and surf safe and private to you.

2) All traffic going through this site is protected by security software called Blocked Security Software which filters out the “nasties” and makes the site significantly safer.

3)Our blog on all things anonymous browsing and online privacy is updated often and provides current information for this interested in the subject. The blog has posts ranging from how to set up a Glype proxy to using a burner credit card.

We keep our software up to date and unlike most types out there is is regularly updated

Advertising – on the whole site (home Page and Inner Page) we only have two ads. Those two ads pay for all bandwidth, Blocked, servers etc – so that makes the site fast and easy to use. Avoiding using or white listing us on Adblocks would be useful.

This site runs on a dedicated server which makes it reliable and fast.

A proxy list is also provided to allow you to access a wide range of site

Hope that information is useful – if you can suggest anything that will make the site any better – don’t hesitate to email!