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Encrypting Apps for Online Privacy – (Proxy Web)

Some Crypto Apps for Privacy (Proxy Web)

This proxy web encrypts your traffic – well there are lots of other services that can encrypt specific types of traffic and make you even more private online. Alots of these are to ensure that even if a company is forced to hand over personal information, there is another level of encryption that they cannot access even if they wanted to.

1) Cyphor is an extension for Chrome that works when you are chatting or sending emails – it encrypts the messages before they are sent and can only be opened by the intended recipient.

2) Crypter is aimed at Facebook Messenger – which secures the communication. Update – Facebook has blocked this app so it no longer works. Reason, unknown.

What tends to happen with areas such as encryption, there is an arms race – one side gets ahead, technology catches up and then another does etc. There is little doubt that encryption is here to day and perhaps one element will be specific one use encryption apps will become more and more popular. What is so interesting here is seeing the cut and thrust between those who want privacy at all costs and those who want to see a balance allowing us to be secure from terrorists and criminals.