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Finding Hosting for Proxies – (Anonymous Surf)

Getting a Host for a Proxy Site – (Anonymous Surf)

Update 12th January 2017. Have just had the need to move my proxy sites to a new server so thought it a good chance to update this list. The first point is there are no were near as many about as there used to be and those that do prefer to offer dedicated or VPS hosting – making starting up much more expensive

OK here are the ones I have found 1) IOFlood who have been around for quite some time and the owner has been into proxy sites for quite some time. 2) offer quite a few cheap dedicated servers and you will see on this link specifically state proxies are ok. 3) Hostgator provide as long as dedicated. There others such as FreeProxyHosting that might be worth a try.

Its a fact of life that not all web hosts accept proxy sites (anonymous surf). The reasoning is mainly around the peaks and troughs in resource bandwidth and cpu demand experienced by more inexperienced proxy webmasters. There also has been experience of proxies being used for email spamming – also a function of less experienced webmasters.

There are however a good number of web hosts that specialize in proxies and give help setting up servers to overcome those problems.

Types of Web Hosting Services

June 2013 Some more hosting companies that could be worth researching – Linode Hosting and Dreamhost Hosting. Naturally you should confirm BEFORE you buy as to whether they host proxy sites or not.

June 2013 There is another hosting method of proxy hosting and that is free hosting. How this works is in return for the free hosting the company places their ads on your inner page. You loose the revenue but many find it difficult monetizing that page anyway. You do of course have to rely on them keeping the servers up and running but if you don’t have skills in that area might be worth a try. These people may be worth a try – Free Proxy Hosting.

May 2013 Having a look around for proxy hosting and found this one. Not making any comment as to quality, just looks like they accept proxy sites. Any feedback, I will post. As always, confirm with them they take proxies before you sign up. MegaWorldHosting
There are quite a few types of web hosting buy only a few are usefully connected to proxy sites. In passing web hosting is simply a means by which your web pages connect to and are made available on the net.
The ones not usually used 1) free web hosting (advertising based) rarely offerred for proxies 2) shared web hosting even rarer because of the nature of proxies i.e. variable resource demand. Others rarely mentioned are managed hosting service, cloud hosting.
There are two types that are commonly used – VPS (virtual private server) and dedicated server. The VPS is often the one those starting out use. A dedicated server is divided up into seperate areas that users can access. Can be cheap and a great learning experience – but note is shared, so if one users has a big spike in resource use can affect your sites performance
Dedicated servers are used by those who have built up some knowledge of servers and proxies and whose business has grown. Naturally more expensive than VPS but have a greater capability. As with both option make sure you find a hosting company who really knows proxies and can set up the server appropriately.

Listing of Web Hosts that Accept Proxy Sites

1st February 2013 If you are just starting out it cant be stressed enough that you need to find a hosting service that has been around for awhile and really knows there stuff. Ideally if you can find a service that runs their own proxies that would be ideal. Try the forums as you will see feedback ratings and advise there.

31st January 2013 some more proxy web hosting sites have just found.

WooServers Hosting
This is a list – not recommendations, check them out carefully in places like forums facebook etc. Please note that most coming into the proxy business start with a VPS or virtual private server as they are cheap to get into (and indeed out of), easy to run and cheap monthly cost. If you know of any others, please email and I will add. Also before you signup – confirm with them that they do indeed still accept proxy sites.

xproxyhost 20/6/2014 Closed

Looks like is closed. Pity as the service was good!

Thanks for that – better check the others!
These appear to have closed

Maybe I should have done this the other way around – listed those still working! Anyway anyone who knows another proxy hosting site, put it here! As always before you commit to any hosting, get in writing they are happy with proxies.

I personally use this is good.

Hi,another maybe – seen a really huge proxy hosted by these people (dedicated servers) so worth a look – feedback appreciated.

Something I have noticed is that proxy hosting (talking dedicated servers here) is almost always cheaper in the US rather than the UK. Perhaps the amount of competition?
My favorite is still The owner has been into proxies for a very long time and can set up your server specifically to maximize for your proxy sites.

Have you tried I would definitely recommend them. The service is managed very well compared to the other hosts I’ve been with and looked at. Was gonna signup for Monster Prox but their page took like a minute to load. And I can’t have my proxies loading that slow. Proxy Hosters is pages load fast proxied or default page. Wiki Dedicated Servers

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