Gaining Traffic for Proxy Sites

We will cover the best sources paid and free. A quick summary is a) proxy lists b) paid advertising c) mailing lists d) SEO (search engine optimization) e) google groups and yahoo groups. Remember with any free traffic it must be worth your while gaining (the time you take versus the earnings) and with the paid traffic aim for earning back twice the cost as you need to pay for servers and bandwidth etc not just the advertising.

Note that the levels of proxy traffic are incredibly seasonal. The biggest lull is in the USA summer break when schools close, which runs from about end of May to all back week two in September. So if proxies are your only source of income, better save as you must assume you will have very little income over that period.

Traffic from Proxy Lists

Proxy lists provide two types of proxy traffic – 1) free which is usually as a swap for a link on your site (which helps their SEO efforts). In return they will send you free traffic based on how many people click on your link on their site. When choosing a site to submit to a) check it’s alex rank to make sure it is getting a reasonable amount of traffic overall b) the site will usually list the submitted sites and how many clicks it is getting so check a reasonable number c) check the dates submitted i.e. are they adding new sites often or is it old stuff.
Proxy lists and 2) paid for traffic. This falls into two categories a) mail blasts which is sending emails out to the people that have subscribed to the list owners maling list (usually quite a small amount of money each time) and features sites where for a fee (up to $250 a month) you site will be highlighted on the list. Before buying an expensive featured link check the percentage of USA traffic the site has and try to get a feel for how many clicks you will get. Start small and work your way up!

Proxy Sites Traffic From Paid Sources

Some use paid sources of traffic like adwords to bring in traffic. Although perfectly legitimate we have never seen an instance where buying traffic like that pays for itelf. Proxy sites don’t usually get a high CPC so paying a higher amount via Adwords for a click in the hope say 1% will click does not make economic sense. There are cheaper sources of traffic but it is usually untargeted and with a low CTR. Please note Adsense is very aware of the source of your traffic and if it is deemed as inappropriate they will close your account. We recommend if you are going to buy traffic buy it from a proxy related source like a proxy list.

Proxy Sites Traffic Via Mailing Lists

Putting together a mailing list is a great way to get traffic – you just send out a mail blast on a daily, weekly basis pushing your new sites. To collect them you can put a signup field on your site. The choices around how to do this are a) accumulate the signups on your server and send from your server. The downside of this is your server could quickly get a reputation for spam (unless you use double opt in and you know your way around setting up your server properly) and hardly anyone will get the emails. b) use the likes of Aweber to accumulate the addresses and send the emails and you use their reputation to not get blocked. The downside is there is a cost. c) open a Google Groups or yahoo Groups account and accumulate your email addresses there. They provide you a box which you can add to your site or you could imbed a link. Cost is free.

Proxy Sites Traffic Via SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Doing SEO work on a proxy sites might seem counter intuitive but it is not really. There are two sets of people using proxy – those at school and the rest. Those at school need brand new proxies as they get blocked by the schools filtering system usually within a day. Those not at school just search on the net for their preferred sites as per normal. For good SEO you really only need a few things a) a good name, ideally with the word proxy in it b) related and unique meta data (i.e. proxy related) c) lots of content – which you must add to at least monthly, ideally daily in several pages (start with 1,000 words) e) lots of high ranking sites linking to your site. There is of course lots more to this and if you want more drop me a line. In the mean time do some research.

Not All Proxy Traffic is Good Traffic – Poor Paying

There are several types of traffic that is not good traffic. The first one is traffic from sources that do not pay (or pay poorly). That traffic uses your bandwidth and your server capacity without any return. The biggest of these is traffic from Iran. With all the embargos you really can’t earn from that traffic. To block there are various menthods such as by IP range in .htaccess, using your servers IPtables or a product such as which offers a free version which blocks and redirects traffic by geolocation.

Not All Proxy Traffic is Good Traffic – Dangerous Traffic

The other type of traffic is from spammers, bots, hackers and many more that can damage your reputation on the net and potentially loose you your adsense account as they are very sensitive to the quality of your traffic. Once again you could use or try

Proxy Traffic From Social Media Google+1

A good source of traffic is from the social media sites like by setting up a page, getting people to “Like” and getting traffic that way. Another (easier) method is to let a bookmarking service like Addthis do the work for you. They provide a widget which you place on your site which people can “Like” and share.

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