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Google Groups Proxy SSL – (Online Proxy Browser)

Using SSL on Our Daily Proxy Group Posts – (Online Proxy Browser)

Some may be aware we own numerous Google Groups and Yahoo Groups (such as Google Group Proxy Sites ) where we post a new fresh proxy every day. (use an online proxy browser)

Well we have gone another step in making our users safer and our sites harder to block – we have added SSL to all our daily sites – starting with this mornings. We tried to do this several times in the past without success but as now offers SSL in their services at a price we can afford (free lol) which is easy to use and setup – we have taken the step. Have also found that our site are much faster so – enjoy!

For those not sure what SSL is – well to start with stands for Secure Sockets Layer and what it does is provides security over networks using encryption. So it provides privacy between say us and your browser. If you would like more detailed information – try here Wiki SSL

More info on Cloudflare is here but briefly it provides security services a content delivery network and a DNS (domain name server) service. What it aims at is to speed up websites, provides DDOS Protection and privacy though offering free SSL. If you own a website, worth a lot.