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Jail for Not Decrypting Hard Drives – (Best Proxy)

In Jail Because Didn’t Decrypt His Hard Drives – ( Best Proxy)

Interesting one this, the man has been in prison for about seven months – because he wont decrypt two hard drives that law enforcement thinks contains illegal images (use a best proxy). A Court Order has been issued to decrypt but because her has not, he is jailed for contempt of court.

His lawyer states “He has never in his life been charged with a crime,”. He cannot be named for legal reasons but used to be a police sergeant.

Anyway it all started in May 2015 when his computer equipment was ceased. A 1789 Law called All Writs Act which makes people co-operate with criminal matters. His lawyer Keith Donoghue wrote “His confinement stems from an assertion of his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination,”. The Constitution says “No person shall be… compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.”

An appeal against the detention has started – based on he should not be made to decrypt as the law enforcement people do not actually know what is on the hard drives – illegal or not.

This is of course just part of the interesting things happening with encryption technology at the moment.
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