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Netflix Banning VPNs – Anonymous Surfing

Accessing Netflix via VPN’s Being Banned – Anonymous Surfing

If you are in the USA you probably would never think of using a VPN or other method of anonymous surfing to access Netflix. Well in the USA users can access a huge array of shows movies tv programs etc that Netflix has the rights to. There is the problem – Netflix does not have the rights to them all worldwide. This means that what is available in say Australia are only those programs that they have the rights to in Australia. So many people not from the USA have used VPNs and proxies to access the USA content. They are paying for what they are getting, but the content is illegal to access from that source.

I should say here that we do not and have not allowed people to access Netflix via this site – to start with we can’t afford the bandwidth without charging – something we have tried very hard not to do.

So to stop people as it sees accessing content illegally, Netflix has been aggressively cutting off VPNs and proxy sites accessing its services. They pick it up by many people using the same IP address. However there are now more sophisticated VPNs available that use a huge range of IPs and if they are not individually overused (perhaps using a private IP – this makes you less secure as of course the IP can be traced to you), Netfix can’t ID as a VPN. It will be interesting to see how they get around that (if they can). Unless of course they develop a way of identifying every IP used by every VPN!

A danger is of course that people will go back to using Torrents or use services that offer less privacy.

Netflix will loose a lot of existing and indeed future (those who are too annoyed to come back) customers because of this move – hopefully that will be a big enough incentive to come up with a better solution. Wiki Netflix Background

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