Online Bill of Rights – The Case

Online Bill of Rights

The alot of logic to an online bill of rights – if only because then business and individuals can know where they stand in the needed balance between individuals privacy and the public’s right to know.

A few day’s ago Google had a victory in Japan in a right to be forgotten case – businesses had asked reviews of their services (bad reviews obviously) be removed. The court ruled Google did not need to remove the comments and obviously agreed with Google’e statement “are a critical tool for people to give and read direct feedback about businesses”.

The point here is that Japan has law covering this issue, the USA does not. Gaining the balance between free expression and individuals privacy needs guidelines. We are pretty sure the likes of Facebook and Google would appreciate such a law so they can always know where they stand.

The concept of right to forget nor “revenge porn” is not in USA law although some states have covered. Google has a form where people can request links to be removed – although it has been noted that the form has been used to remove valuable links from competitors to damage them.

In summary the technology companies and individuals need the guidance of a consumer law.