How Safe is Your Home Wireless? – (Free Proxy Site)

Make your Home Wireless Safer – (Free Proxy Site)

Unless your network is secure your information can be hacked and your bandwidth stolen, perhaps accessing illegal sites – (free proxy site). Old style networks using cable were very hard to hack, WiFi, not so.

First thing to do is to make sure you have a good password (sometimes routers can be left on the default password which are very well known. You can login to your router using the paperwork supplied or go to the internet to the manufacturers site and find the default settings. Usually you put into the browser and then the user name and password.

Make up a unique password – find in the Administrators settings – this one thing makes your network significantly safer.

Next your network’s SSID name needs to be changed. The Wireless Network Name is usually also a default so also needs to be changed – look under wireless settings – basis. Not as important as the password change but means you and others can easily identify the network.

Now encrypt your network so others cannot use. Go to the wireless security settings and look for WPA2 – pick that one as is the most secure.

Finally keep the routers firmware up-to-date by going to the manufacturers site and updating. Wiki – WiFi