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Social Media and the Middle East – (Free Proxies)

Why Social Media Is Not as Used in the Middle East (Free Proxies)

The likes of Twitter and Facebook used to be heavily used the the Middle East – not so much now (please use free proxies).

The reason? Fear of a lack of online privacy. They are now moving more and more to direct messaging platforms like WhatsApp and SnapChat which are considered much safer.

In the period of 2013 to 2016 for example Instagram’s popularity went up 24%, Facebook’s down 6%, Twitter went down 12% in the last twelve months alone (thanks Northwestern University in Qatar).

Reasons sited for the move – 89% about privacy concerns. Interestingly enough some countries should be involved blocking objectionable material (like Qatar and Egypt) while others believe it should be up to the individual (like Tunisia and Lebanon).

Internet use us up across the region as is the use of smartphones with the UAE having the highest uptake – of which 95% do not pay for the films they watch. Really gives an insight into the cultural attitudes and the political attitudes of those in the area. It also shows the huge potential for growth in the areas – especially as many are being moved away from resources such as oil to those requiring a knowledge-based economy. Wiki Middle East

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