national privacy day

USA National Privacy Day

National Privacy Day

National Privacy Day is all about reminding (or is it telling) people that they need to be vigilant online. How to protect yourself, information and money from scammers.

1) Watch out for phone scams – often after your social security number
2) be aware of phishing scams – the emails are getting more and more sophisticated seeming to come from say banks and having the appropriate logos, pictures, copywrite etc but actually taking you to suspicious website.
3) Wherever possible use site that are https not http so your information is encoded.
4) use long passwords and use each one only with new site (if having trouble remembering them all – use the like of LastPass so only have to remember one)
5) When using wi-fi make sure always use secured. Public ones usually are not secured. Dangerous!
6) Regularly check your credit card and bank statements for anything suspicious
7) Before you post anything online think long and hard. Is there anything that might include addresses past and present, relatives details and review your privacy setting on the likes of facebook.
8) If you do see the likes of phishing scam report it! In that case to [email protected]

There are many more but that is a good start. Enjoy but above all be safe. Data Privacy Day

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