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Using Tor and Facebook – (Proxy IP)

More People are Accessing Facebook By Using TOR (Proxy IP)

About one million people a month are using TOR to access Facebook – more information on TOR here More on Tor Project(Proxy IP).

The numbers are about 500,000 June 2015 V the million mark this month. Facebook has nothing against people accessing via TOR. Indeed since October 2014 providing an address specifically for TOR users. Naturally is a TOR user posts something they are instantly de-anonymised – should there be such a word.

The data does not say what counties mainly use but should imagine is mainly those that restrict the use of Facebook and generally censor the internet.

So who uses TOR (an indeed proxy sites!) – those who cannot access their favorite sites due to censorship. That is not so much wanting to be anonymous, privacy activists, journalists and more. An example of a country who heavily uses TOR is Iran which blocks Facebook entirely.