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Can You Earn from Iranian Traffic?- Proxys

Proxys – As mentioned in the last post the removal of USA/Euro etc sanctions on Iran – (use proxys). As a test we allowed Iranian traffic on one of our proxy sites to see what happens with Adsense earnings. What is showed is that there are still very few adsense ads showing in Iran.

With time no doubt Iranian residence will be able to join adwords and the number of ads available will significantly increase. Well that is the idea anyway. As Iran is a HUGE user of proxies we hope it all works out.

Will run a test each month and publish the results.

7th April 2016


We had allowed Iranian traffic to continue on our sites as every once and a while we got a click and some income. Not much but a little. Well on March 21st Iran traffic shown on Adsense went to nil and of course income as well. Since then, not a single impression has shown up on Adsense. However on Google Analytics, at least 1,000 unique visitors a day have been showing up. How do we read this – some blocking done by the Iranian Govt, by Adsense or there are simply no ads available? Anyway will let the experiment to continue to run. Post on Middle East Proxies Middle East

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