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Where to find Proxy or Submit them to a Proxy List

Finding Proxies of a Proxy List

Having the ability to browse sites that may be blocked in certain places at your leisure is important for many people – hence using a proxy list. Many people want to ease of access to blocked content that is usually filtered out of search engines in places where you cannot access them. This may be done because the content is deemed not appropriate for the building, business etc you are in. This can get very annoying when you simply want to check your Facebook at work to see if you really have that dinner date at seven tonight.

Also, proxies are an amazing invention for security and the ability to be anonymous. Security and privacy have always been an afterthought in the creation and expansion of the internet, meaning that many people are constantly at risk of having their privacy violated. A proxy can eliminate this risk because you are on an anonymous server marketing agencies cannot trace your internet traffic and put more annoying ads on your device.

What is a Proxy List?

If you are thinking, “This seems like it would be cool, but how can I get a proxy?” you are not alone. Finding a good proxy that will be sure to protect your identity and allow you access to restrict sites can be hard, but the invention of the proxy list has eliminated this. Once you find a site that you trust, you will find proxy lists that will allow you to get onto an anonymous server.

What exactly is a proxy list? Websites that have proxy lists can be found all over the internet. You are given an IP address of a computer that hosts open proxy servers. This proxy list only contains computers that allow all people onto their network, and as it is anonymous, no one knows who anyone else is. A compilation of these IP addresses that allow you to gain access to a proxy server is called a proxy list. You can find these on the internet for free, or if you pay to get access to a list of proxy servers try here Our Proxy List.

Submitting a Proxy Server to a Proxy List

If you have a proxy server that works really well or if you have your own proxy server and would like to submit it to a proxy list website, this is certainly doable. This will help your website get a lot more traffic. New proxy servers pop up on a website proxy list every day; why not make yours part of this? When you want to find a good proxy list to submit your proxy server to, you can see if the websites you visit are really legitimate. A little Google search will find you many – start with here and proxy(.org). Wiki About Proxy Lists

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