why use a proxy

Why use a Proxy?

Why Us a Proxy for Privacy

Why use a proxy? – internet proxies are a great way to increase your online security. There are a number of different advantages to utilising this technology. A proxy server is essentially an intermediary between your computer and the internet. Thus, you can connect indirectly to other network services.

Increased Online Security

One of the main reasons to use internet proxies is that they increase the security of your internet browsing. The main way this is accomplished is through increasing anonymity. Without proxies, computers provide a lot of specific information to the websites they visit. This includes the IP address for your machine, what cookies are currently on your machine, the type of browser you are using, and even your geographical location. Thus, anyone who knows how to access that data can collect a lot of information about you. For those of us who do not like to provide such information to every website we visit, utilizing a proxy makes sense. Once you set up your proxy, you will be able to visit websites without reveal such private information.

Online Freedom

In the United States, we really understand the value of freedom. Why should utilizing the internet require us to give us that freedom? Well, it doesn’t have to. Using internet proxies allows us to freely access websites no matter what network we are on. You no longer have to restrict your access to information with those pesky website blocking features. With a proxy, you can access whatever sites you deem worthy of investigation. This can be particularly powerful for those who live in countries with government restrictions for access to information.

See from Somewhere Else

If you are interested in developing a website, internet proxies allow you to check out what your site looks like from outside your home computer. Thus, you can check out if your site pops up in other countries and more. This is particularly important for those interested in gaining international traffic to their sites.

Save Bandwidth

Another advantage to utilizing proxies is its ability to conserve bandwidth. When successful, this can dramatically increase the speed of your direct internet. When browsing, the proxy server can store the website and can forward a local copy once a new request for that site has been made. So long as the requested website has not changed, this keeps the local system from having to pull up the site for each single request made. This dramatically decreases the amount of load time for each site. This can be a great asset for companies and for employees who are looking to complete their work without unnecessarily waiting for an extensive period.

Internet proxies have a lot of advantages. They are not difficult to utilize, and you can improve the safety and quality of your internet experience with these simple tools.Wiki Online Security

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