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Why are proxy list so popular? Well the main thing is proxy sites get blocked by countries, businesses and educational institutes that don't want you to access your favorites sites like facebook and Because of this it pays to have access to a list of sites where you can access large numbers of proxies for you to try - that way you will always find ones that are open for you.

Proxy List Sites

Internet security is now, more than ever an issue that many people feel very strongly about. With the revelations of many governments cracking down and/or spying on their own citizens the internet has become an almost dystopian future. While the recent net neutrality ruling in the US is the start of a push back from the internet community many countries around the world still strictly regulate online activates and website access. Regardless of whether you agree with these actions or not surfing the web has become a mine field for many people. As a result more and more people are choosing to browse the web through proxy sites. What are proxy sites you might ask? Lets look at these interesting and useful internet browsing tools.

What is a proxy site?

A proxy site works much like a restricted phone number. They function as an anonymous intermediary between the user and the internet service provider. Much like a restricted phone number it does not hinder the use of the phone line but only prevents others from discovering your phone number. Proxy sites disguise your computers/mobile phones IP address, the digital equivalent of a finger print, allowing access to websites or internet locations that otherwise might not be accessible. For instance, China regulates the websites that its citizens have access to. Google being one of these websites means that a Chinese citizen using a standard Chinese internet service would normally not be able to use Google as a search engine. However, using a proxy site would allow them to bypass these restrictions to be able to use Google.

Where to find proxy sites?

One of the best ways to find a proxy site is by using a Proxy List. There are many Free Proxy List Sites that offer any number of different proxy sites. These Proxy Sites lists allow you to either pick the specific proxy site you wish to use or may offer a random one to add extra anonymity to your browsing. The advantage to using a Proxy Sites List is that some sites block certain proxy sites from browsing their content. In the event that this occurs these Proxy Sites Lists offer various other proxy sites to choose from or select randomly to bypass these added restrictions.

Why use proxy sites?

As mentioned above some countries restrict certain website access, additionally with historic government digital overreach into the lives of their citizens many people are choosing to cover their tracks to ensure their privacy. For whatever reason, Proxy Sites Lists are just one small step towards safer and more secure browsing.


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