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YouTube Unblocked

If youtube is being blocked at school or work just use our free proxy to access. A huge number of videos are being added to youtube everyday so using you can access and enjoy.

You can watch HD videos not just the standard quality. Catch up with latest entertainment, information - stream here!

As a matter of interest, Youtube was founded in 2005 and is based in the USA and is a video sharing site. Members upload their videos and others can view, rate and share those videos. On the site is music, video clips, TV programs and clips. It earnings its money from Adsense (which owns it). To give you an idea as to its popularity- 400 hours of videos are added EVERY MINuTE to Youtube. Anyway those blocking youtube are stopping you getting your daily fix of new videos - hence this proxy for facebook! Just go to the filed under the words "Enter URL", key in your favorite site and hit go. You will then be in an encrypted area with a new IP.


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